Sunny Introduction






Sunny International, established in 1988, has partnered with two main fireworks factories in China, which are among one of the largest pyrotechnic manufacturers. We have endorsed these committed factories to uphold the Sunny brand in Hunan and Guangxi, China. The Sunny brand is renowned for our service, satisfaction, and superior quality.

Sunny’s design team of skilled professionals combines the traditional Chinese art of fireworks and new technology, resulting in unceasing creativity and new heights of visual artistry. Our product line specializes in a large range of display fireworks shells and cakes.

As Quality is a key component to Sunny, the manufacturers have acquired the standard ISO 9001 certificate for quality management systems. Furthermore, we are specialized in carrying out high standards of our quality control system, including chemical and product testing. We have also fulfilled country specific import requirements for each product, with EX numbers for the United States, and CE marks for Europe.

The Sunny brand has grown into a global supplier of premium display fireworks and will remain a universal symbol in the fireworks industry.
As China’s representative, Sunny has an excellent worldwide reputation which shows through our service, quality, and awards obtained.

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