Sunny Introduction





  Sunny Group is China's private international-class Display shells manufacturer, exporter and Display Company, who is a family-managed fireworks enterprise with a 30-plus year history of production and worldwide sales. The company is based on the "4-S Principles ":Sunny, bright image; excellent Service; guaranteed Satisfaction; and Superior quality. The combination results in unceasing creativity, bringing the traditional Chinese art of fireworks to new heights of visual artistry. Now with over 1,000 employees to manufacture hundreds of types of display shells, muti-cake, candle, black powder, delay time-fuse, e-match, has become one of the top six display companys in China, one of the most famous factories in the world. Sunny was assessed and registered against the following quality management standard ISO 9001 and member of International Fireworks Association. The group has a branch in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, United States, Spain and supplies products worldwide, including United States, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom, German, and Walt Disney.,etc. Hope to establish and develop the business relationship with foreign friends all over the world.

  Among Sunny's major international events have been the 1989 PGII in North Dakota U. S. A.; 1990 APA Display in Chicago; 1992 International Symposium, Montreal Canada; 1993 Expo in Korea; 1993 Valencia Fireworks Festival, Spain, 1994 International Competition Bilbao, Spain, 1997 International Competition Geneva, 1997 International Competition Newark USA, as well as supplying the 1991 Desert Storm Welcome in New York and the 1992 Super Bowl; 1997 2rd East Asia Game, Busan, 1997 HK Handover (June 30, 1997) , 1997 1th July at Beijing festival, 1998 Montreal, Hannover Germany Competition, 1999 Macau Competition, 2000 Cannes Competition, 2002 World Cup, 2004 Montreal Competition, 2006 1st "Gold Kylin" Cup International Music Fireworks Competition,Shanghai, 2007 Liuyang Competition, 2007 The 2nd China International Music Fireworks Competition, Shanghai, 2008 The celebration of the 4th of July in Washington D.C, 2008 Montreal Fireworks Competition, Canada, 2008 The 3rd China International Music Fireworks Competition, Shanghai, 2008 Busan International Fireworks Festival, Korea, 2008 Hangzhou West Lake International Fireworks Festival, 2008 Won one of top 6 fireworks enterprises in China, 2010 Ottawa International Musical Fireworks Competition in Canada won the honor of "Best Show Award by the public". 2011 Pohang International Musical Fireworks Competition, Korea, won Gold Jupiter and No.1 People Choice Award. 2012 Changsha Ju Zi Zhou fireworks show with the theme of Lou Lan Girl, won Excellent Award and the 13rd Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival, won Silver Jupiter. 2013 The 10th Pohang Fireworks Competition, Korea, won Gold Jupiter. 2013 The 14th Shanghai International Music Fireworks Competition with Silver Jupiter.

   Besides, Sunny won Gold Jupiter in 1992 Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Canada. And won Silver Jupiter in 1993 Montreal, and Silver Prize in 1995 Stockholm Competition, and Silver Jupiter in 1996 International Competition at Buenos Aires, Silver Jupiter in 1997 International Competition at Geneva, Gold Jupiter in 2000 Cannes International Fireworks Competition, 2002 Awarded The Best Foreign Investment Enterprise By Liuyang Government. 2002 Best Quality Company by Changsha Quality Inspection Association. 2002 won the Best Company of International Fireworks Cooperation and Trade Convention Fireworks Display. 2004 won the Best Company on Opening Celebration of Hunan Tourism Festival. Platinum nominated in 2004 Montreal International Fireworks Competition, China's Top Fireworks Enterprises 2006. The Best Design Award in 2007 Liuyang International Fireworks Competition. Awarded as "Amazing Fireworks Display Company" by the Olympics Organization Committee because of the outstanding contribution to the counting down exactly one year celebration for 2008 Beijing Olympics held in Tiananmen Square on August 8, 2007. 60th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration of the founding of China 2008, won China's Best Renowned Fireworks Enterprises. 2008 Montreal Fireworks Competition, Canada Bronze Jupiter. Best People Choice Award. 2008 The 3rd China International Music Fireworks CompetitionShanghai, Gold Jupiter (with Spain). 2008 displays in Korea, Japan and Hangzhou. 2009 OCA Fireworks Display in Kuwait getting the concerns and recognitions from people all over the world. 2010 displays in Canada, Shanghai. 2011 displays in Pohang Korea. 2012 displays in France, Korea and China. 2013 Pohang Fireworks Competition, Korea. 2013 The 14th Shanghai International Music Fireworks Competition. 2013 Malaysia International Music Fireworks Competition. 2014 Fireworks Display in Macao.

   After partaking in many displays and competitions, Sunny has not only set up its own brand image, but made every effort to conceive, develop and create new products; over 500 Sunny fireworks are classified into 6 series as indicated below: 1) 1"~16" Big Shell (including shells in the daytime) 2) Aquatic Fireworks 3) Cakes 4) Roman Candles 5) Indoor/stage fireworks like waterfall, fast-speed fireworks, fountain, lance, colorful smog and etc. 6) Consumer Fireworks And, the fireworks with special effects could be tailor made in terms of your requirements.

   Sunny's Company basis of operation believes most in honesty, creativity, cooperation and probability. We will always welcome your suggestions and comments from our Worldwide Fireworks lovers.

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