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Qinzhou Oyster Music Fireworks Display on November 7, 2020

2020 patent models for Jingtai Fireworks

On July 29, 2020, the company participated in the first preparatory meeting held by the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The company established a joint-venture container open-top shipping company in Beihai. The first ship "Lide 18" was launched and officially put into operation on July 19, 2020.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival on October 05, 2019

The 14th International Fireworks Culture Festival (Liuyang) on May 11, 2019.

Changsha Juzizhou Lantern Festival Fireworks Show on February 19, 2019

Taiwan Penghu Fireworks Festival,in August-November 2018

Pohang International Fireworks Festival on July 28,2018

To celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the fireworks show themed July 1st carol.

The International Fireworks Show on Jul.22 2017.

Taiwan Penghu International Firework Festival on April 20th2017

Dec 2015 The 6th International Music Fireworks Competition of Changsha Juzizhou--Romantic season silver award.

2015 Pattaya International Fireworks Festival

The 12th China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Culture Festival
Competition group: American Team (SUNNY GROUP/JINGTAI Fireworks) Won the Second Prize.

Company philosophy Honesty, Creativity, Profession and Solidarity


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