Fireworks is one of the greatest inventions in China, according to <China Industry Record>, it all started from Tang Dynasty. Flourishing in Song Dynasty, it¨s been more than one thousand and three hundred years history until now; therefore fireworks can be viewed as a symbol of China to some extent.

  Fireworks art companies are strived as each childhood dream.

  There are no other arts like fireworks presenting cultural essential, enriching our lives, inspiring visional emotion; there are no other arts that can compare to fireworks because it has wowed ten thousand spectators at the same time through the variety of colors created itself in the unlimited dark night picture scroll.

  Fireworks art integrated with high quality design, music, computer, laser, lighting and acoustics. Not a single one can be omitted, almost reaching the best ^two to one ̄ ever between fireworks and music.

  Looking forward to China¨s future, Sunny fireworks world will be your best option and expectation by our Chinese wisdom and confidence.    All rights reserved by Sunny Group