General Manager
Jim Shih

  • CEO of Sunny Group
  • Master of firework setting off
  • Senior Engineer of Art and Crafts
  • Senior Engineer
  • Member of APA
  • Vice Secretary-general of Liuyang Firework Association
  • Director of Taiwan investment enterprise association in Changsha
  • Member of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association
  • One of the Best Ten Innovative Enterprisers
  • Charming enterpriser and one of top10 figures in management Liuyang for the 60th anniversary of the founding of China


Education Degree:
B.S of Economics
MBA of University of Missouri, USA

Creative album issued as following£º
2000 Monograph < Force through Life >
2007 Special Collection < Illusion of Sky Dancing>
2009 Picture album <Illusion> and <Flower Dancing>
2010 The album <Chi Bi Yan Yun>
2011 The album <Shen Cheng Light>
2014 The album <Art Dream Fireworks>

Personal Exhibition:
2007 Exhibition at Mo Gan Shan Road, Shanghai
2009 Organized Sunny International Fireworks Professional Photographic Creative Invitation Competition - Fine Art Photography Exhibition.
2010 <Illusion in My Heart> exhibited at Taibei Art Museum cooperating with Liu Guo Song who is ink painting master
2012 Sistema Taiwan Exhibition

Fireworks Art Creation
Recently, utilize traditional Chinese painting colorful ink skills combining with digital skills and fireworks fire to research and develop unique fireworks art style

1997 Fireworks Business, Usa No. 166 Nov. 1997 Won "The Best Overseas Suppliers"
2002 Awarded the Best Foreign Investment Enterprise by Liuyang Government
2002 The Best Company of International Fireworks Cooperation and Trade Convention Fireworks Display Excellent Enterprise
2002 Best Quality Company by Changsha Quality Inspection Association
2004 Won the Best Company on Opening Celebration of Hunan Tourism Festival
2006 Awarded As One Of China¡¯s Top 10 Fireworks Enterprises in the Recognition Gathering Of Excellent Enterprises Of China Fireworks Industry
2008 60th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration of the founding of China, Won China¡¯s one of Best Renowned Fireworks Enterprises
2008 Honored as one of the glamour persons in the Firework Forum welcoming 60th anniversary of national founding ceremony and the recognition gathering of excellent performers of China firework industry
2008 As a professional judge for the 3rd International Music-Fireworks Competition of Shanghai China
2008 2nd "Son of Liuyang" selection and award committee, won the glory title of "One of the Best 10 Innovative Enterprisers" by Liuyang Enterprise Union
2008 Director of 4th Council of Oversea Sodality in Changsha
2010 60th Anniversary of National Funding ceremony, won Top Ten Liuyang Glamour Entrepreneur
2013 H C Fung Service Award from APA
2013 Gain membership certificate of CFFA
2013 Director of board of directors of the 1st national congress of members of CFFA
2013 As professional judge for the 5th International Music Fireworks Competition during the 11th China Liuyang International Fireworks Culture Festival
2013 Speech on Pyrotechnics Industry Forum in Macau
2014 Speech on Pyrotechnics Spherical Shell Forum

1992 Interviewed by Montreal Newspaper of Canada
1997 Interviewed by "Mingbao" Newspaper of Hong Kong
1997 Interviewed by CNN about Hong Kong's returning to China
1998 Interviewed by ESPN of America
1999 Interviewed by NHK of Japan through global satellite broadcast
2000 Interviewed by World Journal Newspaper of America
2001 Interviewed by CANNES-MATIN of France
2001 Reported by People Daily (overseas version)
2004 Interviewed by DISCOVERY CHANNEL of America
2004 Reported by Montreal Canada
2005 Interviewed by Hunan Liuyang TV Channel and Hunan Satellite TV
2005 Interviewed by Taiwan CTI TV Channel
2006 Interviewed by Hunan TV
2007 The ¡°Huan Tian Xi Di¡± International music fireworks competition of Shanghai, Interviewed by Shanghai television stations gathers news
2008 Pusan Korea International Fireworks Festival and interviewed by Korea Media
2008 The celebration of the 4th of July in Washington D.C 2008, Interviewed by PYRO SHOWS,
the interview piece is collected to the "321 Fireworks" DVD--The story of the 4th of
July in Washington D.C.
2009 Interviewed by Macao TV Channel and Taiwan CTI TV Channel during the International Fireworks Professional Photographic Creative Invitation Competition ¡ª Fine Art Photography¡¡Exhibition.
2009 Interviewed by Taiwan TV Channel and Media
2010 Interviewed by Media - Ottawa International Musical Fireworks Competition, Canada
2010 <Illusion in My Heart> exhibited at Taibei Art Museum
2012 Interviewed by Taiwan CTI TV Channel
2012 Interviewed by CANNES-MATIN of France ¡¡¡¡¡¡ All rights reserved by Sunny Group